Do You Use a Truck Camper Cover, Shelter or Garage?

One of the most challenging realities of RV ownership is the importance of maintaining the exterior seals; roof seals, side seals, rear seals, and under body seals. Without seal maintenance, water leaks are inevitable on all RVs, no matter the type, make, or model you may have.

Since the great majority of truck camper owners store their units for extended periods, we are often asked about the viability of covers. It’s not unusual for a truck camper to be stored over a three, four, or even five month winter season, waiting patiently for spring truck camping season to begin. That’s a long time for the exterior seals to hold off the elements without the help of a cover.

Joe from Jacksonville, Florida just said, “Cover? I don’t need no stinkin’ cover! I have a heated garage with a 14-foot doors and full hookups.”

Well Joe, you’re a lucky guy. Without a doubt, a RV garage, carport, or shelter is the best possible way to store a truck camper rig. An RV shelter of any type is also considerably more expensive and not always an option even if cost isn’t an issue. Many residential communities either don’t have the available real estate, or won’t permit a RV garage, shelter or carport to be built.

This week we want to hear from anyone who actively uses a truck camper cover (or) has an RV shelter. For cover users, we would like to know what brand and model of cover you use, about your experience installing and uninstalling the cover, and how well it works to protect your camper.

For shelter owners, tell us about your garage, shelter, or carport. If you bought a shelter or carport pre-made by a manufacturer, tell us what brand of shelter you bought, and where you purchased it. We also want to know about the process of installing the shelter or carport, and how effective it’s been in protecting your camper.

If you had a garage custom designed and built for your truck camper, tell us about the experience of designing the garage and working with contractors (or building it yourself). Since that process is more extensive, please also include any tips you would offer for future truck camper garage builders.

Author: Sonal Sinha

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