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This week we spotlight the Top 5 Most Viewed Truck Campers on

Truck Campers come in various sizes and styles including long bed and short bed models, hard side and pop-up models, as well as slide-out and non-slide models.  They are a great, affordable option for many families.

Buyers are flocking to Truck Campers!  And, if you’re a buyer yourself, you might be interested in seeing exactly which Truck Campers are being shopped (or viewed) most on

Here are some quick links which take you directly to the winners as described below:

    1. Northwood Arctic Fox 990
    2. Alpenlite 1150 and Lance Squire.
    3. Lance 650
    4. Lance 1172
    5. Adventurer Eagle Cap 850

1. Northwood Arctic Fox 990

This gorgeous Camper features a pleasing and neutral color scheme.


Plenty of room for all of your adventures in this gem of a camper


High, med, low pricing chart per year for the Northwood Arctic Fox 990.

Check out what a buyer in California had to say about this unit:

Without a doubt, definitely the most well engineered and built trailer we have ever walked through. Rugged construction, solid craftsmanship and eye pleasing design. Higher price point than most, but once you check out an Arctic Fox, you will see the difference.

– I. Nicolai, California


In case you’re still on the fence about purchasing a Camper, here are five reasons they can make a good choice:

    • Versatility
    • Low insurance rates and no registration fees
    • Superb maneuverability
    • Easy to drive
    • Outstanding off-road capability

2. Alpenlite 1150 and Lance Squire

Tied for 2nd place is a combination of two interesting units!  Meet the Alpenlite 1150 and the Lance Squire!

These two popular Truck Camper makes & models are likely shopped and viewed by lots of RV shoppers due to their age and their somewhat low price points.  They are worth checking out, for sure.

Picture yourself hitting the open road in this affordable Truck Camper by Alpenlite.


This Alpenlite 1150 kitchen has everything you need: neutral cabinets, good counter space, stove and sink plus, the bed over the cab seems to have a nice roomy feel.

And, here’s the Lance Squire, also an older model which buyers seem to be equally as drawn to.

Light, compact and pre-owned, you’ll often find these Lance Squire models priced to move.


Hunting? Fishing? A place to rest up and cook a quick meal when you’re weary from the road? A Truck Camper could be just the thing for you!

Lance 650

In our 3rd most shopped and viewed Truck Camper spot, you’ll find the beautiful Lance 650.

This Lance Truck Camper has a very pleasing exterior color design and plenty of room for the family


Check out all of the interior room including ample cupboard space, large bed and a big table for family to sit around. You’ll make memories to last a lifetime in this camper.

Well built and well appointed, for serious shoppers, the Lance 650 is a beautiful unit you’ll definitely want to investigate.  Enjoy!

4. Lance 1172

This 1172 model by Lance is one of my faves. Large and impressive but won’t break the bank.


The appeal of this camper continues inside with its modern design, ample storage and large bed. It’s # 4 on our list but definitely my # 1 Truck Camper pick!

5. Adventurer Eagle Cap 850

Check out the awesome slide-out on this camper by Adventurer, the Eagle Cap.


This inside features a unique step-up and plenty of storage. High ceilings are a nice touch. You’re all set for your next adventure with this unit.

Whenever you’re buying any type of RV, don’t forget to have a good look at the Reviews on  That is an important step.  Simply choose the make and model you’re considering buying from the drop down menu and read through what owners of those units have had to say about them.

Here’s a Review from Kelly W on the Adventurer Eagle Cap 850.  It’s useful to you as a buyer because Kelly wishes this model had a different layout but likes the camper overall:

Love the camper, I just wish the camper had a different floorplan

– Kelly W, Montana

Author: Sonal Sinha

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